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Gerhard Albers (1815-1894)


Parents:    Peter Albers (1779-???)

                Johanna Cleusters (1779-???)


Siblings:   Johanna Albers (1801-????)

               Christine Albers (1804-???)

               John Albers (1806-????)

               Bartholomina Albers (1807-????)

               Petronella Albers (1809-????)

               Marie Albers (1811-????)

               Peter Albers (1813-????)


Spouse:    Joanna Albers (1822-1873)


Children: Dorothea Albers (1846-1852)

                Joannes Albers (1847-1848)

                Joannes Albers (1848-1852)   

                Henrichus Albers (1850-1852)

                Dorothea Albers (1852-1860)

                Maria Albers (1854-????)

                Henry Albers (1855-1938)

                Joanna Albers (1857-1936)

                Petronella Albers (1859-????)

                Theodora Albers (1860-????)

                Elisabeth Albers (1863-????)

                Christina Albers (1865-????)

                Petrus Albers (1869-????)


Gerhard Albers was born on December 12, 1815 in Schottheide, Kranenburg, Kleve, Prussia (now Germany) to Peter Albers and Johanna Cleusters.  On February 4, 1845 the 29 year old Gerhard married the 22 year old Joanna Albers, daughter of Heinrich Albers and Anna Maria van Dyth in Frasselt, Riga, Prussia.  As shown, they had 13 children (all born in Schottheide), yet many of them died during their childhood including three (Dorothea, Joannes, & Henrichus) in late August of 1852. 


Gerhard's wife, Joanna, died on September 14, 1873 in Schottheide at the age of 51.  Gerhard's son Henry emigrated to the United States in 1880 and his daughters Joanna & Petronella followed in 1883.  Gerhard may have accompanied the daughters. 


Gerhard died at the age of 78 on March 16, 1894 at the West DePere home of his daughter Petronella, who had married Martin Vissers in 1886.  He was buried at Mount Calvary Cemetery in DePere, Wisconsin but his gravesite is unmarked.   


De Volksstem

March 21, 1894


Brown County Democrat

March 22, 1894